Posted on 06.09.19 Wine of the Week

#WOTW: bang for your buck from the Rhône

This ‘wine of the week’ comes from one of my favourite regions when it comes to ‘value’ ie: quality versus price.

For reds, the Rhône is a vast region, with distinctly different wines coming from the north (where Syrah rules) and the south (led by Grenache) across a variety of price points.  A posh Cote Rôtie from the north, or a blockbusting Châteauneuf-du-Pape from the south, will certainly set you back a bit, but the region also offers some real bargains when it comes to the lesser ‘Cotes du Rhône’ and (next tier up) ‘Cotes du Rhône Villages’ classified wines.

Chateau de Ruth (£10 at the Co-op) is from the latter ‘Villages’ category and it’s really very appealing at the price.  Fresh, crunchy red and black fruit abound and there’s a touch of spice too.  It’s also a wonderful looking bottle, with some of the best labelling I have seen in a while, making it a really nice option to take to someone’s house!

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