Posted on 19.06.20 Wine of the Week

#WOTW: a rounded Burgundy that won’t break the bank

I’m getting bored of wizened wine veterans telling me how they used to fill their boots with bargain Burgundy, before it became fashionable. It hurts, because these days it’s increasingly difficult to find that many wines from there that won’t look faintly ridiculous as an ‘everyday’ suggestion.

So thank goodness for the Mâcon, the southerly region of Burgundy that produces a lot more wine than the Côte D’Or, to the north, meaning it produces whites that won’t send you into the red. Louis Latour Mâcon-Lugny Les Genièvres 2018 (£12.99 at Hennings Wine stores in Sussex or online or £13.99 at Hay Wine in Herefordshire or online) comes from one of Burgundy’s biggest names, Louis Latour, who have invested heavily here. Lugny is the village and Les Genièvres is one of its top vineyard plots.

Good Mâcon like this always has a sunny citrus character, with notes of blossom and honeysuckle on the nose, good firm apple acidity and a lovely, plump roundness. There’s no oak, so it’s a pure expression of Chardonnay. Great for grilled fish, it’s also a nice pairing for fried chicken thanks to that refreshing acidity.

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