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Wines for BBC Berkshire

If you’re tuned in to Phil Kennedy, who is looking after Bill Buckley’s Sunday show this week, then here is some more detail on the wines we enjoyed.

First off, a real treat. Pol Roger was Winston Churchill’s favourite Champagne.  The house is most famous, these days, for its lovely ‘white foil’ non-vintage Champagne, but Sir Winston didn’t have that option because, in his time, they only produced ‘vintage’ Champagnes (ie: from a specific year, rather than blended from various – non-vintage – years).  Pol Roger Vintage 2012 (£75 from Laithwaite’s or £80 at the Finest Bubble).

Next, a delicious summer rosé.  Provence has set the style for pink wines – with its trademark delicate salmon colour – that’s now being replicated by other wine regions, who might previously have made darker rosé wines. AIX is a great example (£13 for a normal sized bottle, or £21.73 in a Magnum size, if you buy six, at Majestic branches).

We’re heading to Chablis next for a top quality wine that’s perfect for a posh summer supper.  Simonnet Febvre, Chablis Premier Cru Montmains 2016 (£29.50 at Wine Direct) is a classy Chardonnay, from one of the best sites in the Chablis region.

Finally, in the warmer weather, reds don’t always appear, but this next one should. It could even take a light chill in the fridge (take it out at least an hour before you want to drink it though). Cecchi Morellino di Scansano DOCG (£7.99 from Waitrose – on promo until August 13th) is a delicious fruit forward wine, made by one of Tuscany’s great family wineries, with the Sangiovese grape, in the Maremma region along the Mediterranean coast.  This is a great wine, at a bargain price.





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