Posted on 27.09.19 Wine of the Week

#WOTW: a bargain Pinot that whispers red fruit charm

Ask most wine experts for their favourite grape and you’re highly likely to get the reply, Pinot Noir.  Often boasting an ethereal charm, it’s sometimes complex and savoury, sometimes light and perfumed.  At its best, it can be all of those things combined.  It’s rarely very cheap and – if it is – it might be best avoided. So, how refreshing to find a Pinot Noir for well under a tenner that’s really worth drinking.

A couple of years ago, I visited the Alsace region, in north eastern France along the border with Germany.  Whites are the big thing there, but I was blown away by the quality of the Pinot Noir, which rivals many Burgundy wines, at significantly lower prices.

Lidl’s latest ‘Wine Tour’ limited edition selection has just hit the shelves and this is my pick of the crop.  Jean Cornelius Pinot Noir, from Alsace, is great value at £7.49.  It’s a light, relatively straight forward wine, with a delicate, lightly floral nose and cheering, pure raspberry and red plum on the palate.  This wine could take a gentle chill (take it out of the fridge an hour before you drink it), rewarding you with a fresh, fruity partner to something like a chicken and leek pie.  Perfect for an autumn night in!

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