Posted on 09.11.19 Wine of the Week

#WOTW: a bright-fruited ‘Fairtrade’ bargain Malbec

I featured this wine on my monthly radio appearance last Sunday and thought it was a worthy winner of wine of the week.

The Co-Op has a really impressive wine range these days and it is streets ahead on so-called ‘Fairtrade’ wines.  This one is also organic, but I’m recommending it because it’s great value for the quality of juice in the bottle.  Appropriately enough, Co-Op ‘Irresistible’ Fairtrade Organic Malbec (£7.50) from Argentina is actually made by a co-operative, in this case of growers.

Offering bright, punchy red fruit and smooth tannins, this wine is perfect for a pasta supper, but would also stand up to a roast beef Sunday lunch.  As you sip, you can also enjoy the satisfaction of knowing that the ‘Fairtrade’ label means that the farmers are getting a fair (or enhanced) price for their grapes. The Co-Op website proudly boasts that this initiative has even resulted in a new primary school for local children.  This one should be available in more or less every Co-Op store.

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